Outside Diameter of Cord or Cable 
Core HeightModel1/4"3/8"1/2"5/8"HeightWeight
6 1/8"Rap-50275'125'75'50'9 1/4"6 lbs.
7 1/4"Rap-100350'150'100'75'11 1/2"7 lbs.
11 3/16"Rap-150500'250'150'100'15 1/4"8 lbs.
13 5/8"Rap-200650'325'200'125'18 3/4"9 lbs.
16 1/8"Rap-225775'400'225'150'20 1/2"10 lbs.
Note: RAP-600 Core base diameter is 12 3/8" (see above photo)

Note: RAP-1000 Core base diameter is 16 3/8"
22 5/8"Rap-6001600'1200'600'300'26 1/2"20 lbs.
22 5/8"Rap-600WC1600'1200'600'300'32.00"45 lbs.
22 5/8"Rap-1000WC4000'2000'1000'500'35.00"55 lbs.
New…Bigger is better! Custom Rap-600 and RAP-1000 on wheels … A heavy duty fiber optic cable reel for all your cord/cable storage. SEE THE VIDEO
Optional Accessories available for the Quickwinder reel System
4" standard "paddle"    optional "sleeve"Assembled Fiber Optic Core
Protect your bend sensitive cord or fiber optic cables!
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Heavy Duty Handle (below)

Heavy duty cord reel Heavy Duty Carrying Handle

The heavy duty handle option assures you of a rust free and more durable feature for transporting your cords and cables. This feature may be applied to any extension cord reel up to our Rap-225. Order online or call the factory at
1-800-450-6507 for current pricing and availability.
Stackable heavy duty cable reel

Industrial and Marine options available on many of our products.
Cordless power option now available
See our videos for more information.