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Quickwinder Rap-C410 Bend Sensitive Cable Reel

The Rap-C410 was designed for bend sensitive multi conductor cable or cords that have been proven to be difficult to manage with other reel systems. Developed at the request of customers in the pyrotechnic industry to handle trigger firing cable, this multi conductor cable reel will also handle various expensive cords or cables that need added protection. This reel system was develped for long multi-conductor cables used to control firing sequences in large pyrotechnic displays. Trigger firing cable is easily handled quickly and properly protected using this highly effective cable reel. The Rap-c410 standard core height is 4 inches however it may be as large as 8 inches upon request for custom orders. When handling hard to manage bend sensitive cable, The Quickwinder Rap-c410 will not disappoint you.

Cord Diameter Reel Capacity
1/2" 125'

Height: 8.00"
Base: 16" W x 16" D
Weight: 12 lbs.

Electric cords are made of oil resistant TPE-Rubber (SJEOW) which provides maximum flexibility year-round. Cords retain strength in temperatures as high as 212°F and flexibility in temperatures as low as -58°F. Superior resistance to sunlight, ozone, cracking, and chemicals, making this power cord organizer great for use in garages and industrial applications where extra protection is needed. Yellow jacket color is a highly visible safety color for work sites.

This custom reel can be used for the following cables or cords:

The Rap-C410 may also be used for standard applications such as rope, air hose or cord.