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Quickwinder OEM Specialty Reels

This display shows some options that we have developed along with our standard Quickwinders. The RAP-600, RAP-600WC, Rap-1000WC, RAP-C410, and the units pictured here were developed upon request for Original Equipment Manufacturers to satisfy their unique cable usage requirements such as bend sensitivity, capacity, storage space limitations, and ease of use. The size of these units can be adapted to fit cable and space requirements and are designed to be operated vertically or horizontally.

If you have a need for a custom reel to accompany your system give us a call and we can adapt or design a solution for you. 800-450-6507.

OEM Specialty Reels

Two original Prototype units demonstrated in use and storage, the final product has the large handle incorporated in the design and fits the remaining space in the pelican case.