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Some Quickwinder History

Good ideas are a dime a dozen……Be prepared to invest a million and a lifetime to make one marketable.

A long time ago….before the age of the internet…a new concept was introduced to the critics and skeptics populated with the agents from hell…patent attorneys, engineers, IPO experts, marketing genius’s, etc. The response’s varied from …it will never work…. wish I had thought of that…. it will never sell…costs too much……I can sell a million of them…

The challenge was to bring it to market and do a test market…Farm shows, trade shows, magazine adds, card decks, brochures etc. when demonstrated the consumers loved it and had no trouble figuring out how to use it… unlike a number amateur and professional “engineers” who seemed to never read a label in their life.

Over the 25 year plus test market the multi-purpose Quickwinder has become a part of the lexicon of cord and cable management. There are thousands of satisfied retail and commercial customers that have proven the fact.

The Quickwinder is a solution to a lot of cord handling problems….Not All…if simple instructions are followed with a realization that there are limitations… it can make your life a little bit easier.


Game Changer

Reviewed in the United States on December 3, 2016

I do a lot of work outside with plug-in garden tools, and seemed to spend half my time wrestling with tangled-up power cords. Although this winder has a few drawbacks (which I'll get to in a minute), and does seem to cost more than it ought to, it has made a huge difference in reducing the hassle factor and allowing me to focus on the job I'm doing rather than untangling the cord.

If you don't need a heavy duty cord (like the one that is suggested to be purchased with it), you can actually wind 200' onto the reel if you are careful about how you do it. First, you can put 10' or more into the section on the top (I'd strongly recommend doing this with the male end). Then, as you feed the rest of the cord in with the winder, guide it toward the top of the spool initially so that the female end of the cord is closer to the bottom. This will not only keep it from tangling inside the winder (which I had problems with at first), but will make it easier to feed out a smaller amount when you don't need the whole length.

As for drawbacks, other reviewers have commented on these, so I won't belabor them, but unless you anchor this down somehow (which I haven't tried) you can't expect to have it feed the cord out gradually as you need it -- it will flop over, stop feeding out, and possibly pull the plug out of the outlet if you pull too hard. You really do need to hold it down with your foot and pull out the amount of cord you need by hand before starting your job.

Great Cord Winder

Reviewed in the United States on April 7, 2015

I initially thought ~ $50 for an extension cord winder was a bit high. Then I wrestled with a US Wire 100 foot 12/3 extension cord, and while it is an excellent cord that remains flexible when cold, it was a challenge to roll up. After carefully reading a lot of reviews I determined that the cheaper reels would have trouble holding 100' of 12/3 cord. So after looking at my poorly wound up extension cord sprawling all over the place I bit-the-bullet and ordered one of these.

For some reason I thought it would be the size of a 5 gallon bucket, but I was happy to see it is smaller, at roughly 1 square foot. It comes fully assembled, made in the U.S.A., and more importantly it works like a champ. It quickly and easily rolled up all 100' of cord very quickly. I'm so impressed with the quality and ease of use I'm thinking of buying another one to tame the air hose on my compressor. It is an added bonus that you can store these in a corner and they are also stackable to help save floor space in your garage.

Highly Recommended! Handles 10/3 20A Extension with Ease

Reviewed in the United States on April 29, 2016

This reel does not disappoint. I specifically bought this reel for 100' of 10/3 extension cord that I need for equipment

The following are comments made by people who have experienced the benefits of the Quick WinderTM Reel System family of products.

"I have tested the QuickWinderTM Reel System and have found it to be a great asset in the field of fire fighting and fire investigation. When responders roll up on an emergency scene, time is of the essence and we do not need to waste time fumbling with tangled and knotted electrical cords. Many cord reels have been made in the past that have done the job, but none to the extent that the QuickWinderTM Reel System has been able to do.

"For years I have been looking for a fast and efficient way to handle my electrical cords, with many problems found with other cord reels:
Cleaning cords alone:
In the past I have had to unreel the whole extension cord to wipe or wash it down now I just wipe the cord down at the scene while I reel it up (a simple process that only requires one person).
Using cord while still on reel:
With all the other cord reels I have used in the past if you did not have to use the whole cord you still needed to unreel the whole cord. The QuickWinderTM Reel System has been UL rated to be used while still reeled (allowing me to only use the length that is needed).
I can never have too much equipment at an emergency scene, which means that my rig needs to have as many tools as possible (leaving very little space that can be wasted). The QuickWinderTM Reel System fits neatly into my rig and is stackable to permit optimum use of precious space.
I currently have one Rap-200 in my rig, but I plan to retire all of my other cord handlers, and continue using the QuickWinder Reel System.
I would strongly recommend the QuickWinder Reel System to any emergency service organization, or anyone that regularly uses extension cords in their daily duties (My wife likes it so much, she is buying one for her father, a farm owner/operator, for Christmas)."

Casey D Stotts
Hutchinson Fire Dept., Police Officer,
MN State Certified Fire Investigator

Nuclear Safety Usage
"We do all aspects of Safety in the Nuclear field. Our Safety Department recently purchased 10 Rope Reels from Reel-A-Pail Inc. In the past we would use the typical (one time use) vinyl roll caution tape. The problem encountered with vinyl tape is the wind, which in very little time would shred, and you would end up with a deposted area and a handful of tape to prematurely throw away. With the rope in the Reel-A-Pails we can post and sign an area and when we are done, we can re-wind the rope back in the reel and reuse it as often as we want. Another day in Paradise! Outstanding Product!"
William Hooper
Safety Professional

Industrial and Marine options available on many of our products.
Cordless power option now available
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