Stop Tangles with QuickWinder™ Cord Reels

from Reel-A-Pail


The following are comments made by people who have experienced the benefits of the Quick WinderTM Reel System family of products.

"I have tested the QuickWinderTM Reel System and have found it to be a great asset in the field of fire fighting and fire investigation. When responders roll up on an emergency scene, time is of the essence and we do not need to waste time fumbling with tangled and knotted electrical cords. Many cord reels have been made in the past that have done the job, but none to the extent that the QuickWinderTM Reel System has been able to do.

"For years I have been looking for a fast and efficient way to handle my electrical cords, with many problems found with other cord reels:
Cleaning cords alone:
In the past I have had to unreel the whole extension cord to wipe or wash it down now I just wipe the cord down at the scene while I reel it up (a simple process that only requires one person).
Using cord while still on reel:
With all the other cord reels I have used in the past if you did not have to use the whole cord you still needed to unreel the whole cord. The QuickWinderTM Reel System has been UL rated to be used while still reeled (allowing me to only use the length that is needed).
I can never have too much equipment at an emergency scene, which means that my rig needs to have as many tools as possible (leaving very little space that can be wasted). The QuickWinderTM Reel System fits neatly into my rig and is stackable to permit optimum use of precious space.
I currently have one Rap-200 in my rig, but I plan to retire all of my other cord handlers, and continue using the QuickWinder Reel System.
I would strongly recommend the QuickWinder Reel System to any emergency service organization, or anyone that regularly uses extension cords in their daily duties (My wife likes it so much, she is buying one for her father, a farm owner/operator, for Christmas)."

Casey D Stotts
Hutchinson Fire Dept., Police Officer,
MN State Certified Fire Investigator

Nuclear Safety Usage
"We do all aspects of Safety in the Nuclear field. Our Safety Department recently purchased 10 Rope Reels from Reel-A-Pail Inc. In the past we would use the typical (one time use) vinyl roll caution tape. The problem encountered with vinyl tape is the wind, which in very little time would shred, and you would end up with a deposted area and a handful of tape to prematurely throw away. With the rope in the Reel-A-Pails we can post and sign an area and when we are done, we can re-wind the rope back in the reel and reuse it as often as we want. Another day in Paradise! Outstanding Product!"
William Hooper
Safety Professional

Industrial and Marine options available on many of our products.
Cordless power option now available
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